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Dunamis Technology is securing your digital business

We are a Norwegian provider of digital services and solutions. We want to contribute to sustainable solutions that lead to positive changes in society.

We will do this by utilizing technological solutions that create growth and business value.

Our motivation

Dunamis Technology is a value and purpose driven company that believes that digitalisation is as much about people as technology.


As change agents we want to contribute to sustainable change and push boundaries to make the impossible possible.


Dunamis originates from the words power, or ability, and is the root of the words dynamo and dynamic. We strongly believe in the butterfly effect, that even small changes can have a big effect.

We call it the power of change.


Our values

We have the courage to shape a better future and take responsibility.

Team work:
We are inclusive and work together to utilize collective knowledge.

We are honest, open, fair and genuine.

We use our drive to create, engage and inspire.

We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.

Strategic alliances

We strongly believe that partnership is the key to growth and development. In order to offer the market's best solutions and the latest technology, we place high demands on who we choose to work with.


In partnership with innovative networks and leading technology vendors, we create value.

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The greatest change in corporate cultur - and the way business is being conducted -  may be the accelerated growth of relationships based... on partnership.


Peter Drucker

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